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Experts in

plastic processing

Injection molding, vacuum forming

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Inject Plast – comprehensive

solutions for industry

Injection molding, vacuum forming

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We are distinguished by professionalism

and the highest quality standards

Injection molding, vacuum forming

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Inject Plast – Manufacturer of plastic products

Inject Plast is the company specialised in manufacturing of plastic products injection molded and vacuum formed. The first technique allows the production of even the most complex and small elements in one technological process. The melted material is injected into molds and after cooling time getting final object shape. The vacuum method, on the other hand, makes it possible to create foil products with a thickness of 0.15 mm to even 2 mm, usually trays or other individually designed inserts. It is worth to point out that in the case of both methods, the final products, i.e. injection-molded products and vacuum formed ones, can be made both in mass production, as well as smaller volumes, ensuring the repeatability of parameters and features of the final product.

Inject Plast manufactures the following plastic items:

  • individually designed trays,
  • blisters and other packaging for food, cosmetic and chemical products,
  • injection molded covers, machine parts, automotive items,
  • inlets, containers and many more on demand,

We are awaiting your requests, in case of any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Comprehensive services

We perform on our own all stages of production process, starting from design of the final product, through mold project and preparation, up to the target mass production of plastic products.


We work on state-of-the-art, fully automatic and very efficient plastic converting machines, on which we are able to perform products with very detailed and specific features. We produce with very high precision, combined with time efficiency, being able to deliver both small volumes, as…


Inject Plast has extensive experience is plastic processing branch. We are employing experienced staff with excellent practical skills and long experience. We are always doing our best to deliver all orders on time and in very high quality of products.

Highest standards of quality

We work in line with all of production standards related with quality assurance. We implemented 3steps quality control program which ensure that all level of production process are made properly, in order to deliver the possible best products to our clients.

We proceed even with the most demanding and complicated projects.

Plastic products - Injection molding and vacuum forming

Inject Plast offers production of plastic items,manufactured with injecton molding and vacuum forming technologies. We work on modern ad fully automatic machines , ensuring high quality of products and competitive unit prices.

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Tooling dedicated for injection molding and vacuum forming

Efficiently and precisely prepared tooling is the key to successful implementation and future production. Inject Plast prepares all necessary molds and other metal production related elements with highest care and in competitive time manner.

Implementation of production processes

After completion of all preparatory stages, related with concept and tooling execution, we are able to start with mass production. In line with agreed time schedule, we deliver ordered volume of products, being in line with accepted sample. On demand, we are able to deliver part or full order volume. We are flexible and understand client’s needs.

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