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Plastic products production

Production in Inject Plast is performed on fully automatic plastic converting machines, which makes is cost efficient and high volume possible. To our productions we use only high quality raw material from reliable contractors which we cooperate for many years.

We have earned the title of a reputable manufacturer of plastic elements, among others thanks to ongoing control of the product manufacturing process. Hence, we are able to correct the parameters of the technological process and avoid problems related to uneven shrinkage, warping of moldings, discoloration or imperfections caused by improper pressure.

As part of our services, the production of plastic products is carried out on the basis of molds both made in our plant and given by the customer, when order realization can be done almost immediately. If, after carrying out the necessary tests and commissioning, there are no contraindications to production, we are able to start it even on the same day.


produkcja, przedmioty spadające z taśmy

What distinguishes Inject Plast from other manufacturers of plastic items?

Cooperation with Inject Plast, brings a number of benefits. First of all, we ensure that the production is launched by an experienced team of professionals in the shortest possible time. In addition, we care about its optimization in terms of technology, time and materials used. We always carry out trial production and present it for approval, which results in high quality of manufactured elements and raises the standards of cooperation. As part of our services, we undertake the production of plastic elements both on a mass scale and in smaller volumes. We also offer delivery for local customers with our own transport, as well as shipping by forwarding or dedicated transport at competitive rates.

We kindly invite you to use our services. In terms of any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.