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Thermoforming as a method of plastics processing

When looking at the methods of processing plastics, it is impossible not to get the impression that the two main ones are primarily injection molding and thermoforming. What is the characteristic of the second method? Will it replace injection molding soon? What is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages? Many questions arise, but it is worth knowing the answers to them.


How is the thermoforming process?

termoformowanie, kolorowe granulkiThermoforming is one of the methods of obtaining plastic products. The production of an element begins with the uniform heating of the plate or plastic film. These products are mounted in a special tensioning frame, where they are then formed under the influence of vacuum activity. They take the shape of the molded products.

As mentioned above, during the forming of the element, under the influence of high temperatures, the given material deforms. In order to keep the shape of the mold, it must be cooled in the next stage. It is worth noting that for this type of production, materials with a specific tensile strength and elongation during forming should be selected. Only knowing the parameters of the material, the manufacturer is able to determine whether he will be able to use them in the thermoforming process.

The discussed process is used alternately or in conjuction with injection molded technology. However, does it have a chance to fully replace it? The answer to this question is difficult. It is good to bear in mind that thanks to thermoforming it is possible to produce both small and large parts, the walls of which are only a few millimeters thick. It is also good to bear in mind that the cost of producing molds for the mentioned process is relatively low.